Milos Statement


The Milos Statement is devoted to the contribution of the Minerals Professional, Scientific and Academic Communities in the transition to Sustainable Development. The Statement has already been endorsed by the major, minerals-related, international societies and institutions that represent more than 35,000 members in all continents, from Australasia to the USA and Canada and from South Africa to Latin America.


The Statement was first revealed during the 14th Annual Meeting of the Society of Mining Professors and the subsequent international conference on "Sustainable Development Indicators for the Mining Industry".  Both these meetings were hosted in the Milos Conference Center "George Eliopoulos", in the historic Greek island of Milos that also provided a very fitting name for this declaration.


The Milos Statement follows:


Mr. Emmanuel Voulgaris

"Milos Conference Center-George Eliopoulos"

Phone: +30 22870 23850

Fax: +30 22870 23854


Athens office:

Phone: +30 210 3624975, +30 210 6293670

Fax: +30 210 3600984



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Last update: 03 July 2007

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