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The ECOMINING International Seminar – Europe in 21st Century, Edition 2009 is focused not only on the presentation of the actual aspects, which the mining activities faces, but it also aims to point out the most recent advances registered by the newest technical achievements in the mineral resources exploitation field, in Europe and worldwide.


The most significant aspect concerning the innovation degree in the field of the mineral resources exploitation, refers to the fact that the requirements are target oriented on the harmonization of the activities from the mining industry with the prerequisites of the European Union and international policies, in respect with the environment protection.


  1. Mining industry sustainable development

  2. Sustainable raw material supply

  3. Risk assessment in mining, ores processing, metallurgical and waste disposal sites

  4. Open-pit, ground and underground stability: stability assessment, support dimensioning, long-time behavior and safety assessment, slope, waste dump stability

  5. Application of numerical modeling in mining stability assessment, support dimensioning, long-time behavior and safety assessment

  6. Ores processing techniques

  7. Tailing stability and rehabilitation

  8. Mine closure and post mining land use

  9. Geology and geophysics application in mining industry

  10. New materials for environment rehabilitation

  11. Monitoring and hazard detection system in mining industry

  12. Unconventional mining activities

  13. Strategies for international partnership development among research scientists in order to launch joint interest European projects

International Seminar, 3rd Edition

ECOMINING - EUROPE IN 21st CENTURY "Let's give Earth its balance back"

4-5 Óåðôåìâåñ 2009 / Milos Conference Center - George Eliopoulos / Milos island, Greece


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