The Conference venue is the "Milos Conference Center -

George Eliopoulos" on Milos island. For more information please click here




Milos Conference Center - George Eliopoulos


The island of Milos is located 86 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus, in the southwestern part of the Cyclades island group,in the Aegean Sea.


Milos is a volcanic island. Few places can boast such a catalogue of geological eccentricities: hot springs bubble in its low rolling hills, rocks startle with their fantastic variety of colours and shapes.


The landscape is gashed with sulfur, kaolin, barite, alum, bentonite and perlite quarries as well as obsidian, the exploitation of which begun in the Neolithic era.


This is the reason why Milos is known to scientists as the geological museum or the nature's laboratory.


How to reach Milos

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