Workshop “Lessons learned from the INTAMAP experience”


The third day will be used for the following workshops.




W1: INTAMAP: a web service for automatic Interpolation
(9-11 am)


Universities of Utrecht and Aston, and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission


Workshop 1 will present INTAMAP, a web service for the real time mapping of environmental data. The main objective of INTAMAP was to develop an interoperable framework for real time automatic mapping of critical environmental variables by extending spatial statistical methods and employing open, web-based, data exchange and visualisation tools. To illustrate the potential of the framework at the European scale, the framework was applied to produce a system for automatic mapping of radiation levels reported by 29 European countries that participate in the European radiological data exchange platform (EURDEP).


W4: UncertML and WPS in practice (i.e. interoperability)


Aston University


W5: An introduction to Anisotropy detection and estimation methods


Technical University of Crete




W3: Early warning procedures and emergency scenarios
(2pm - 4pm)


Bundesamt fur Strahlenschutz


W6: Bayesian geostatistics: tools and methods for detecting and handling extreme events
(2pm - 4 pm)


University of Klagenfurt


W2: Monitoring networks: optimization of sampling designs
(4pm - 6pm)


Wageningen University


Rate: 20 Euros per person

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