We are pleased to announce the following keynote speakers for this event:


• Havard Rue

Professor in Statistics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Short CV

Havard Rue is a Professor in Statistics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. His main interest is spatial and computational statistics, and Bayesian inference. He has co authored a book "Gaussian Markov random fields: Theory and applications'' on the monographs on Statistics and Applied probability series of Chapman & Hall, and presented a read-paper for RSS about approximative Bayesian inference in 2008. He serves (and has served) as an associated editor for Journal of Royal Statistical Society series B, Scandinavian Journal of statistics, Annals of statistics, Environmetrics, and Statistics Surveys.

• Noel Cressie CANCELLED

Ohio State University: Spatio-Temporal Random Effects filtering

Short CV

Noel Cressie received a PhD in Statistics from Princeton University. He has held positions at The Flinders University of South Australia, Iowa State University, and he is currently Distinguished Professor of Mathematical and Physical Sciences and Director of the Program in Spatial Statistics and Environmental Statistics at The Ohio State University. He is author of the book, "Statistics for Spatial Data". His research interests are in the statistical modeling and analysis of spatial and spatio-temporal data, in Bayesian and empirical Bayesian methods, and in environmental sciences.

• Hans Wackernagel

Ecole des Mines de Paris: Data assimilation for epidemiological surveillance

Short CV

Hans Wackernagel is a Senior Research Scientist within the Geostatistics Group of the Geoscience Center of Ecole des Mines de Paris (MINES-ParisTech). He received his Doctoral degree in geostatistics from Ecole des Mines de Paris in 1985 and he obtained a Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches diploma in 2004 from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris. Dr Wackernagel, well-known by his book on Multivariate Geostatistics (3 editions, Japanese translation), has been involved in several multidisciplinary national and inter-national projects on data assimilation and statistical modelling in such different fields like oceanography, climate, air pollution, radio-electric exposure estimation, epidemiology (non-contagious, contagious and vector-borne diseases), to mention but a few.

• Stefano Nativi

CNR-IMAA, University of Florence: Multidisciplinary interoperability architectures, some GEOSS and GMES experiences

Short CV

Stefano Nativi received a 1st and 2nd (Laurea) degree and a Ph.D from the University of Florence (IT). He had a PDRA grant from the University of Bristol (UK). He is President of the Earth and Space Sciences Informatics (ESSI) division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). He is co-leader of GEOSS IP3 (Interoperability Process Pilot Project), chair of the Climate Change & Biodiversity WG of GEOSS AIP-2 (Architecture Implementation Pilot – phase 2), and member of the GEOSS Standards and Interoperability Forum (SIF). He is member of the “Metadata Core Drafting Team” for the Implementing Rules of the INSPIRE initiative. He is coordinator of the ESSI Laboratory - Institute of Methodologies Environmental Analysis of the Italian National Research Council (CNR - IMAA). He is member of the National Inter-university Consortium for Telecommunications (CNIT) Scientific Committee. He is professor of “Web services management” (University of Florence - Faculty of Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering, Information Engineering 1st degree). He is professor of “Systems for land management” (University of Padua -Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics 2nd degree). He is Co-PI of the OGC GALEON (Geo-interface to Atmosphere, Land, Earth, Ocean netCDF) IE.

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