Conference topics


Suggested topics for oral presentations or posters are:


Topic A. Monitoring networks and SensorWebs

• Mobile and ad-hoc networks

• Network Optimization problems

• Data harmonization and uncertainties

• Data fusion and heterogeneous networks

• Spatial support: integrating remote sensing and ground based networks


Topic B. Service Oriented Architectures for Environmental Monitoring

• Web Services for environmental monitoring

• Sensor Observation Services

• Interoperability & semantic Interoperability

• Communication schemata: GML, SWE, UncertML, O&M,- limitations and extensions

• Architecture for real time environmental monitoring solutions


Topic C. Statistics and spatial metrics for Environmental Monitoring

• Detecting changes in spatial, temporal and spatio-temporal processes

• Anomaly and hot-spot detection for early-warning

• Spatio-temporal geostatistics for continuous prediction

• Bayesian frameworks

• Data assimilation

• Graph-theory and landscape pattern metrics


Topic D. Open Source tools for Environmental Web Services

• Recent developments in Open Source Geoinformatics

• Spatial and spatio-temporal data analysis in R

• Tool integration: Python and R, RSOAP, plugins


Topic E. Applications and Case Studies

• Environmental hazards: floods, droughts, fires, nano-technologies, virus

• Environmental releases: radioactivity, chemicals, oil spills

• Natural resources and biodiversity

• Global change


Topic F. Visualisation and Decision-Making

• Information analysis in a distributed environment

• Coping with qualitative information and uncertainties

• Handling information in real-time

• 3D models


Topic G. Socio-economical benefits of Service Oriented Architectures for Environmental Monitoring

• Methodologies and socio-economical indicators

• Case studies

• Future directions and perspectives


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